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Ninja Warrior Course

Have you seen the TV series American Ninja Warrior or more recently the Australian Ninja Warrior series? I bet you have watched that and thought it looked easy! Well JUMP North Shore has the course for you to test your upper body strength and see if you have what it takes!

Obstacle replicas from the TV series include a 12ft Warped Wall, Cannon Ball Alley, Tilting Ladder, Spider Wall, Quintuple Steps and much, much more!

Come and test yourself, or put up a challenge against your mate using our new timing system and see who can hit the buzzer and get the best time.


Kids Course

This is a one level course with the obstables being a little lower to reach. Consisting of 6 different obstacles, these combine the mental and physical strengths to see if you can make it around the course without touching the foam beneath you.

This course is not only for kids, it is a good starting point for adults too before attempting the more challenging adults course.

Adults Course

You must be confident in heights to test this course out, the 12 obstacle challenge will test not only your upper body strength but also your grip strength and balance and co-ordination.  This is hard complete, the triple traverse is what makes sets the best from the rest.

This course has a height restriction of 150cm due to the fact that it is featured on two levels and consists of a fireman’s pole to get from level two down to the ground.

Grab your mates or training partner and come and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a JUMP Ninja Warrior. It is great for a change in your training routine, complimented with the trampolines it is a great body workout that will also test your stamina.

Ninja pass only $5 extra with your admission and only available at JUMP North Shore!

Please see our safety guidelines for the JUMP Ninja Course in our safety section here